Name the Truck Contest (Part 1)

November 11, 2018 by George Fritts


Can you help show some love to The Workshop’s donated truck? It’s ultimate destiny is to restore people’s lives while it goes through the process of being restored itself.  Unfortunately, not only has it been relegated to storage, but it has actually become storage.

It’s time to give the truck a name and get it somewhere where it can begin its journey of restoration. Here’s how you can help with both!

A donation of any amount will give you the opportunity to nominate a name.  Fill out the easy form below with your nominated name and donation amount.  Once we have all the names, we will give everyone the opportunity to vote via an additional donation.  Highest total donation will be the name of the truck!

This is also an easy opportunity to begin giving a recurring donation and get the truck into a permanent facility!



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