The Durability of Hope

posted December 2, 2018 by George Fritts

I have a confession to make:  I cheated this year.  I began listening to Christmas music the week before Thanksgiving.  I needed “a little Christmas, right this very minute…” (For those I just song-bombed, you’re welcome. Sorry…not sorry). This year, for some reason, every time I hear the song “I Heard the Bells on Christmas […]

Name the Truck Contest (Part 1)

posted November 11, 2018 by George Fritts

  Can you help show some love to The Workshop’s donated truck? It’s ultimate destiny is to restore people’s lives while it goes through the process of being restored itself.  Unfortunately, not only has it been relegated to storage, but it has actually become storage. It’s time to give the truck a name and get […]

The Value of Rest and Resilience

posted September 11, 2018 by George Fritts

I stop at the red light and my subconscious internal monologue floods into focus: “When am I going to wedge in that phone call?…I’ve got to remember to respond to that email…oh no, what’s that text about?…man, I’m thirsty—I need to be drinking more water—maybe then I would be able to lose this extra weight […]

Submission to God: How it Relates to Mental Health

posted September 7, 2018 by Amy Holley

I grew up with many of the same dreams as a lot of little girls in America. I have often pictured myself “marrying the prince,” having children’ and a successful career such as a dentist, lawyer, nurse, or police officer. Throughout the years, I have changed those many times and even gained new dreams. Three […]

A Tribute to MeeMaw (Joan Whitener Andrews b: March 7, 1920 d: August 20, 2018)

posted August 22, 2018 by George Fritts

My MeeMaw passed away peacefully Tuesday afternoon, letting go of her last breath while holding the hands of her children.  She was ready.  Sharp witted until the end, but robbed of speech, she nevertheless communicated that she was satisfied with her life.  As much as I would love to recount all that this woman accomplished […]

13 Lessons Learned While Building a Bathroom

posted August 18, 2018 by George Fritts

How did I spend my summer? Well, a good portion was spent taking an unused corner of an unusually large mud room in our new house and installing a third bathroom.  While I necessarily outsourced a lot of the more technical aspects, most of the heavy lifting was done by yours truly.  As with any […]

The Dilemma of the Flag

posted June 28, 2018 by George Fritts

It’s easy to think about flags this time of year.  From Memorial Day through Independence Day we have plenty of opportunities to witness Old Glory snapping in the breeze. I love our flag.  I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t inspired by the sight of it. I was privileged to wear […]

Minipost: “Driven To Refusal”

posted June 13, 2018 by George Fritts

I can’t believe how much time I’ve let pass since I have updated my blog! It’s no excuse, I guess, but about a month ago we rather unexpectedly picked up and moved down the road about three miles. And just to make the process more interesting, we went on vacation right in the middle of […]

Pruning and New Growth

posted March 31, 2018 by George Fritts

Last week, spring came to north Texas. Ok…I know, astronomically speaking, spring came to the entire northern half of the globe last week. But in north Texas, spring specifically means that the iconic bluebonnets have been spotted, ushering in pleasantly warmer weather and wave upon wave of wildflowers…at least until we get to the withering […]

Cars and Change

posted March 2, 2018 by George Fritts

Of all the things that have captured my attention over the years, two have held it for as long as I can remember: human behavior and classic cars. My favorite class in high school was an experimental (at the time) class called Peer Counseling. I majored in Human Factors at the Air Force Academy (how […]