2018 Year in Review!

November 26, 2018 by George Fritts

It’s been an exciting year for The Workshop! We still have a lot of work to do, but here are some of the highlights:

Finished Internship Hours! I recently finished my 3,000+ hour requirement to complete my internship.  As soon as the Texas State Board comes back from the Thanksgiving holiday, they will issue my unrestricted license.  This means that current clients will be transferred from my supervisor to become official clients of The Workshop as of the first of next year, and we will be able to begin advertising in earnest for those who would benefit from our services!

GuideStar Bronze Seal of Transparency! We were recognized by GuideStar for our attempts at donor transparency.  We’re not done yet! We will continue to demonstrate integrity and good stewardship with the donations we receive–look for continued recognition from GuideStar this year!

1st Annual Golf Tournament! The day initially looked like it was going to be a rainout, but the weather broke just long enough for us not only to play, but to play the entire course! Forty-six players had a great time, everyone left with a pretty good meal, and nearly everyone left with some pretty great raffle prizes.  From a fund-raising perspective, it was successful beyond my hopes! With the lessons we learned, I can’t wait for next year’s tournament!

Added “The Studio!” We were given the use of additional space in the Student Building of Shady Oaks Baptist Church.  We now have the use of an office, a game room and a studio room!  The Studio will be used for art activities as soon as we can get it set up!

All told, 2018 saw over 30 people benefitting from The Workshop’s services.  Nearly 900 hours of counseling activities were conducted.  Many, many relationships within the community were discovered, fostered, cultivated, and cherished…and that, after all, is what The Workshop’s mission is all about.

Can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring!

If you would like to contribute to taking The Workshop to the next level of operations, please click on our Donate page!


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